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Social media advertising...If you’re not already doing it, you should be.

Currently there are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook, over 800 million people using Instagram and there are in excess of 300 million users on Twitter. Just think about that for a second, the stats are huge! If you’re not currently using social media as part of your marketing efforts, C7 makes it easy for you to harness its power, helping you grow both your brand and your profits.

In 2016, display advertising is as common on social media as a picture of next doors cat. C7 can promote your campaign using all the major platforms, making it easier than ever to get your product or service in front of the people that count.

Thanks to the wealth of information available from social media profiles, targeting options are incredibly powerful when used properly. This means we can ensure your campaigns are served to the people most likely to convert! These options can also be extremely granular, from age all the way through to the last time someone played a game online. This data is extremely valuable in the hands of the C7 media buying team.

The average person spends 1 hour 40 minutes a day on Social Media. Whether that’s waiting for the kettle to boil, on their daily commute or just browsing through their news feed when they are supposed to be working, it's all valuable time that your potential customers could be viewing your message.

Social platforms are being optimised all the time to better serve the people using them most. At C7, our media buying team stay up-to-date with all the latest improvements, ensuring your offers have the greatest chance of success. 

We don’t pretend social is the go to channel for all campaigns, in-fact there are many rules and regulations that come with advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With this in mind, we ensure that only the campaigns that suit the age and behavior demographic of each platform make it live. 

We’d love to show you the results social media advertising can bring, so get in touch with C7 today and discuss how we can use it to promote your brand.