SMS Marketing

Why use it?

Getting SMS right...


Although the first promotional SMS messages were actually sent as early as 1998, the channel as a whole has never been as widely adopted as others such as email and display. This is largely due to the controversy surrounding the channel and the select few that choose to abuse it.

At C7, we truly understand the importance of fully compliant SMS campaigns while respecting the privacy of the end user at all times. Text messaging although used regularly for peer to peer communications, is a very personal form of contact and certainly more intrusive than email. We ensure that when an affiliate of C7 is opting to run a campaign on SMS, we have covered off 2 main points:

1) Our detailed compliance form has been filled in including attached proof of data opt ins specifically around SMS

2) We have a signed insertion order from the advertiser stating that SMS traffic is allowed on the campaign. 

It is vital that the messages being sent on behalf of a C7 advertiser are reaching people that have opted in to receive them. When it comes to engagement, an SMS campaign can be extremely powerful if the target audience have given consent to receive the texts. 

When you consider the difference in consumer behavior between checking a text vs email, you have a much higher chance of engaging someone with a relevant text purely because people check these messages as they come through. Email might get checked once or twice a day plus you have the 'SPAM' stigma attached that very often people have already filtered out. 

A great SMS affiliate can be the difference between a good campaign and a great one. As an advertiser, you need to be sure that the network you entrust your budgets with has a zero tolerance policy around non compliance and SPAM. At C7, we take no chances when it comes to the laws around SMS, meaning only the most trusted partners will run your campaign

Speak to us today about the benefits of allowing SMS traffic on your offer and watch your lead generation campaign move to new heights.