Engaged Traffic

Real Time Lead Generation

How it works

Real-Time Lead Generation is permission-based marketing. At a time when relevancy of advertising communication has never been more critical, it is a great, cost efficient way to generate qualified, non-incentivised, opted-in leads that have directly requested communication from you. Leads are generated when a website visitor completes an online registration form (this can be for a membership, competition, white paper etc). The visitor is then given the opportunity to opt-in to receive information from the relevant, branded, third party offers that interest them, without the need to enter their details again.

Real Time Lead Generation can:


Directly grow your email marketing database with fresh leads ready to convert on relevant, targeted offers


  Supply hot leads that have shown an interest in your product straight into your call centres ready for conversion


Fuel your SMS marketing campaigns by giving you real-time additions to your mailing list


Maintain a fresh and up-to-date prospect list with data appending

How we work


At C7, mastering the UK market was just the start. Our success here at home has allowed us to explore the opportunities in the US and AU with the results quite simply speaking for themselves. Our philosophy of identifying what the client really needs and providing them with quality, validated leads has meant that our approach is globally in demand. 

By ensuring we do the groundwork with any new offer, we make delivering on our promises look extremely easy with over 300 advertisers across the 3 geos using C7 month after month to fulfill there need for high converting traffic.

Speak to us today whether you understand the process or not and we guarantee an honest service with world class support and guidance that will maximise your budget and your brand.