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Mobile Marketing

Why is mobile so important?


There are a whole host of reasons why Mobile is the most important channel for advertisers to focus on. Whether it's mobile display, a responsive email template, an SMS campaign or an in-app offering, advertisers need to think about how their campaign will be displayed and the size of the opportunity if they get it right.

At C7, we work with a number of direct mobile partners that are masters in targeting people in the right area, at the right time and with the right offer. It goes without saying that mobile offers affiliates an opportunity to really catch people when it matters most. People are connected all day everyday to their device which makes it the most valuable channel for advertisers and affiliates alike. 

Whether you are looking for app downloads, leads or acquisitions, we will speak to you very early in the process about how you are set up for mobile. If you are fearful around the channel, then we will happily provide case studies that support how effective mobile can be if managed in the right way. 

With mobile usage vs desktop well and truly past the tipping point in favor of portable devices, we recommend that advertisers are now designing ad material for mobile first, desktop second. We also fully understand that this is a huge mindset switch which we will support you with every step of  the way with our in house design experts and experienced campaign specialists. 

What are we great at?

In-app promotion

mobile display

Mobile email segmentation

SMS (Strict guidelines)

When it comes to finding traffic for your offer, we have the partnerships in place to maximise any campaign set up to take advantage of a publishers options. As an advertiser, we ask you to think about your ad copy and how it will work with the average mobile user and the behaviors they display. We need to remember that people use a mobile device very differently to desktop and usually at very different times of the day. This means that not only do you need ad material that fits a mobile device, you need to consider the ad copy, CTA placement and even the offer it self to maximise the different user approach. 

Lots to think about then and because we understand this, C7 are here to help you every step of the way and ensure you are confident in your approach. Maximising your ROI through mobile is our primary focus so getting it right is the priority with any new advertiser. 

Speak to us today about how you can get the most from your campaigns and how mobile can benefit you in 2016