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About Clickwork7

Welcome to Clickwork7, Global Performance Marketing Network. We are a small team of driven, customer focused individuals with a shared goal of ensuring exceptional customer service at all times.

Founded in 2012, and with over 20 years digital experience throughout the team, we understand the importance of trust and integrity. We aim to offer a complete marketing solution for any brand looking to grow through the performance channel and have experts in house to support this process.

We are a team, a unit, a united front. Our success comes from working together and sharing ideas in a fun and open environment. As a team we pride ourselves on getting it right for our clients and if we don't succeed first time, we will work with you until we do.


We are Clickwork7 and would love to hear from you today.

Key Stats From 2015/16

  • Over 3,000,000 conversions across CPI, CPC, CPA & CPL models.
  • Over 52,000,000 clicks delivered to our advertisers.

Traffic Sources

We at C7 have a very strong network of trusted partners. We are able to direct traffic through many different sources:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Display
  • Mobile
  • Native
  • Pop
  • In-App
  • Search
  • Social
  • Real Time Lead Generation

Lead Generation

At C7, we will work with whatever metric suits the advertiser best. When it comes to Lead Generation however, we are in a different league.

With the UK's most successful lead generation consumer site now going global in the US and AU, we have a team of experts that know how to drive quality, validated leads. Whether you are looking for huge volume or a simple test, we have the technology in house to ensure the traffic you receive meets your expectations.

If it’s a broader reach you are looking for then C7 deliver on that front as well. With over 3 million paid conversions and 52 million clicks on the network over the past 12 months, we know we can put your brand in front of the right people across a whole host of trusted partners.

By working with you at every stage to optimise your campaign, we ensure that not just volume is delivered, but targeted, high converting leads that mean you will want to work with us time and time again. Our clients have been with us for years and it’s that success that has C7 reaching new heights in 2016.

Quick wins do not exist here, we look to build long term, solid partnerships with everyone we work with and if we don't succeed first time, we will work tirelessly with you until we do. Whether you are working with our in house products or our panel of trusted affiliates, the same rules apply. Test small, validate quality, scale when we are both happy.

It's vital to us that every partnership is long term so we leave nothing to chance, especially where your marketing pounds are concerned. You only pay for leads that meet your requirements and with our dedicated account managers working to optimise your traffic, we eliminate poor quality instantly.

Best Verticals


Mobile App Installs












We Are a Direct Publisher

Alongside our network of trusted partners, we also own a host of great online consumer sites that offer users the opportunity to test products, earn money from home or get paid for completing surveys.

These products also offer a fantastic place for advertisers to promote their products on a CPL or CPA basis depending on what best suits them. Covering both non-incentivised and incentivised options, Product Testing, 20Cogs, Trending First, Cashback and Paid Surveys can most certainly support a host of offers and verticals.

Product Testing Brand

A Lead generation platform for advertisers to put their brand in front of almost 1 million unique users a month over 3 geo’s as part of a consumer lifestyle survey. Users are selected at random each week to test and keep a new product in exchange for a review.

Launched in the UK in 2012, Product Testing has grown to become the number 1 consumer site of its kind. With over 300,000 registrations a month just in the UK, we know we can provide the volume for our clients.

Quantity however is only half the story. With 3 levels of filtration on the front end of each product, we are 100% confident that all data going back to our clients is checked, double checked and then checked again for good measure. PT is about pure lead generation with the team working with all clients to ensure a healthy conversion rate that exceeds expectations

In 2015, we took the brand to the US having spent 6 months truly understanding that market while going to Leadscon in Las Vegas and Affiliate Summit in New York. Despite the competitive nature in the US, the strength of the PT brand has meant we have enjoyed success beyond our initial goals and targets.

At the start of this year, we successfully launched in AU and in 4 months have matched the US in terms of traffic and registrations.

Paid Surveys

At C7, we love surveys and so do our publishers. Paid Surveys was launched back in 2012 and has been a fantastic source of validated leads ever since. In 2016, we are driving more volume in the survey vertical than ever before with growth expected to continue at a rapid rate in 2017 and beyond.

All survey offers are tested on Paid Surveys to ensure quality is spot on. Once we are happy and should the budget be available, our trusted external partners will be introduced.

20 Cogs

20 Cogs (or 10 Cogs in AU) is a new refreshing way to make money at home or on the move. It’s free and easy to join and consists of Competitions, Offers, Gaming and Surveys. It works very similar to cashback websites, the main differences being that you need to have 20 validated offers before you can cash-out however each offer has a pay-out rate that is far higher than any cashback site.

We have a leader-board on our homepage showing the top 10 pay-outs to members, in a short space of time we already have 50,000+ members and growing. The site is fully mobile optimised and is very user friendly with a great level of customer support, feedback so far from members is fantastic and conversion rates on all traffic sources are very strong from click to sign up.


In 2003, our parent company launched the UK’s first Cashback site, Greasy Palm. The success of this brand quickly enabled us to launch in 2007 which to this day offers advertisers from gaming, retail, insurance and finance verticals a great avenue for driving acquisitions on an incentivised basis.

With a relaunch in 2016, watch this space for a new, improved


Trending First is a content hub used to drive traffic and engagement for brands. Content can be a great tool for creating a stronger engagement between a user and a brand.

Trending First has already hosted many successful campaigns in the UK and worldwide. Content Marketing is become a power marketing tool and Trending First is a proven example of how successful it can be.


Works very much the same way as 20 Cogs in the UK and is a great place to maximise your incentivized US offers. Whether it’s a sweepstake, gambling, finance, retail or health and self offer, we have the traffic to make the most of your budgets.

See all our products here:

Our Strengths

We see networks everyday making bold claims about being great at everything, only to let you down when it really matters. At C7 we are very honest about what we can and can’t do for you and if we are not right for you, we will recommend someone that is.

Our strengths lie in:

Lead Generation
Dedicated Account Management
Mobile App Installs
Incentivised Traffic
Finance Vertical
Survey Vertical
Campaign Integration
Informed feedback on Campaign Quality
Identifying Client Needs
Pairing Campaign & Affiliate Perfectly
On Time Publisher Payments
Detailed Tech Support

Are we amazing in every single vertical? No.

If you have a campaign that we have no experience in will we do our very best to find an affiliate to maximise it? YES!

Are we always learning new things to ensure what we don’t know today, we know tomorrow? YES!

Will we be totally honest about how we can help you and advise an alternative if we can’t? YES!

Investors in People

In 2015, we were proud to receive a Bronze level ‘Investors in People’ award for being a truly amazing place to work. This positive energy extends outside the office to our clients and publishers, many of which have been working with us since day one.

The award is a proud moment in C7 history however Bronze is simply not enough. 2016/2017 offers up a new opportunity to go for Silver and maybe even Gold!

Tech Stuff

When you have a World Class tech support team by your side, it is very rare that a problem cannot be solved. We all know that affiliate marketing can be tricky to get right, especially when it comes to accurate tracking.

At C7, we have solved more problems for advertisers than it’s possible to count when it comes to tracking. Our fantastic integrations team have a combined 6 years of doing just that…Integrating your campaigns!

You can be very confident in the fact that if your skill set is sales and communication, we have the people in place to get everything else spot on.

Data Protection

All C7 affiliates are trusted to work within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act of 1998. Any publisher found to be in breach of this act will be removed from the C7 network and all pending payments will be withheld.

Contact Us

If you have not already seen our website, please feel free to contact us direct at

where one of the team is always on hand to help.