At C7

Media Buying

Sometimes a campaign needs some real creativity to maximize it's potential. When a standard email campaign simply wont get the results you need, we have a team of media buyers with a proven history of driving quality traffic, through a whole host of different channels. 

Lets be clear, the term 'Media Buyer' has been known to send a shiver down a few spines and over the years as we have developed our skills, we have certainly worked with a few 'questionable' people. Today, C7 holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes to these lone affiliates looking to make huge profits from your campaigns. 

This knowledge has enabled us to ensure the right questions are answered, the correct guidelines are followed and extremely close relationships are formed. When you work with a C7 media buyer, whether they are in house or an external partner, you can be confident that they follow the same extremely strict rules as any other affiliate. If they don't value the integrity of your campaign, we don't work with them.

We make sure that the pairing of campaign and affiliate is always thought through. If we believe your campaign would benefit from being partnered with a media buyer, then as ever we will test small, confirm quality and scale. If we think it is not the right offer for this kind of approach, they WILL NOT be allowed on the campaign.

When it comes to volume, these guys are unrivaled in their knowledge of how to drive maximum traffic in a range of ways. Working with us every step of the way to ensure they are kept on campaigns long term, they have one aim in life...To make as much money as possible for them, and their client.