How to maximise

Email Marketing

Email best practice


At C7, we not only work with some of the best email publishers across multiple geos, our in house knowledge of how to best utilise this channel is second to none. Where some will talk about data volume and how much traffic they can deliver, we ask the questions that really matter of our partners...

Where does you data come from?

How was it collected?

Can you prove opt ins

How many times a week is it contacted?

What works with this data?

How are emails branded?

Is the data your own?

Who are you using to send it?

We believe there is no point asking the 'Volume' question until we are completely satisfied with the answers from the questions above. With 8 years experience sending emails internally, we understand the importance of targeted messages to small pockets of opted in, engaged data. We also know that if you get all of the above right, volume is simply a formality.

For the best results, we would always recommend email is paired with a one page CPL campaign as opposed to CPA. This is simply due to how people interact with email messages and how quickly they like to scan their inbox. If CPA is the route you decide, we would work with you to ensure the email creative and landing page are exciting enough to ensure success. If we believe a campaign will work better on a different metric, we will always be honest and advise accordingly.

If you are looking to maximise your campaign through the email channel and have questions about the best way to start, we are more than happy to guide you through the best process for your brand.

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