Why use it?

Display Advertising

A modern take on Display


Traditional display advertising is still very much alive and kicking in 2018. Display has evolved from the days of placing a banner on a high traffic site on an even higher CPM and hoping for a little brand exposure. It is now very often performance based and at C7 we own one of the largest display publishers for lead generation campaigns in the UK. 

Product Testing is now live in the UK, US and AU and offers a fantastic platform for advertisers to receive a high volume of targeted, validated leads in real time. All campaigns are performance based and all banners are designed in house and approved by the advertisers. This is very much modern day display advertising without the over inflated pricing options.

When it comes to brand exposure, PTUK gets in excess of 3 million unique visitors each month with US and AU taking that number close to 7 million and counting. 



If Product Testing is not right for your campaign but you would still like to explore the benefits of display advertising, then we can introduce our partners to your offer. We work with a whole host of people with creative ways of displaying a campaign in high traffic positions. The move away from traditional CPM's to a more performance based CPL and CPA model has meant the affiliates are always looking to put your campaign in the best converting locations on site, meaning a much better ROI for the advertiser.

If you are an advertiser that allows incentivised traffic, we can support you there as well. OhMyDosh! Is a fresh approach to the traditional cashback site, offering members the chance to get paid for taking out CPL and CPA offers. OMD has proved so popular with advertisers and users since it's launch in late 2017, that it has been shortlisted for the 2019 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards. 



Remember, email is not the only way to drive traffic to your offer. Very often, a modern approach to display advertising can perform as well if not better than a traditional email blast. If you are unsure on the benefits, please speak to us direct before you write it off.