Creating The Best Affiliate Marketing Program – 10 Steps

People’s greatest and most precious asset right now is time. Running out of it is a daily occurrence however we still manage to carry over half our job list to the following day. Time is something that is the same for everyone. It doesn’t change or speed up, it is what it is. How we choose to use it however is the difference between winning and losing.

In complete contradiction to the above point, I cannot stress enough how important patience is when trying to create the best affiliate marketing program. Rome really wasn’t built in a day and the most successful marketing programs took years to build. Mistakes were made, cross words for exchanged, and grey hairs multiplied.

Time is something we all say we don’t have, but it is the one thing we must allocate to make something work well. Patience is a quality few genuinely poses, and in a world that moves at such a fast pace, why am I talking about taking your foot of the gas and getting your chill on?

8 things you must get in place…

  1. A clear understanding of your product, the problem it solves and how it benefits the user
  2. A strategy outlining what you want to achieve from this activity
  3. A testing budget with zero expectation on return
  4. An agency that will educate you on the best route to success.
  5. A very clear engagement process that kicks in beyond your initial lead acquisition
  6. A willingness to make mistakes, spend some money and accept criticism
  7. An agile mindset that means you can pivot and change when needed
  8. Short, medium and long term goals that are very realistic.

All of this takes a long time to set up and you have not even made any money yet. To some eager beavers, this is all too much like hard work. Tragically, they are the ones that don’t last very long.

Why do we insist on patience and planning?

We want our clients to exceed their own expectations, smash their goals and secure their businesses for the long term. Anyone that has tasted success, will tell you it came with a whole load of struggle, stress and failure. Why is creating the best affiliate marketing program any different?

We battle people all the time that want instant results, without any understanding of what their goals are or how they are going to interact with their customers once we have handed them over. People whose only interest is a quick win with no time for guidance or expert advice. Successful affiliate programs are not born from this mindset.

A friend of mine once said, “You buy cheap, you buy twice”. For years I was a quick fix kind of guy because I was massively impatient. Those of you with children will understand that an impatient parent is an ineffective parent so I learnt patience very quickly! That phrase has stuck with me ever since and now patience is an asset I deploy with most things I do. Weighing it all up, I am winning so much more than before.

10 points on your road to success

Here are the key points that cover off a typical journey from start to success

  1. Find your agency
  2. Discuss your goals and challenges
  3. Agree a testing budget
  4. Agree an optimisation period
  5. Discuss your engagement process and take advice
  6. Test small across a selection of sources
  7. Test your own engagement process alongside this
  8. Optimise the traffic sources and scale
  9. Optimise your engagement process and measure results
  10. Create a second offer and test
  11. Repeat steps 6 – 10

Creating something of genuine value that will last beyond tomorrow doesn’t simply happen because you will it to. It takes everything we’ve discussed and above all else, a desire to trust in the process, no matter how hard and costly it may seem at first.