Snapchat will launch self-serve Ad Manager

Over 400 million snaps get sent every day and 8796 photos are shared on Snapchat every second. In 2015 Snapchat had six billion videos posted every day from its 100 million daily users. With those figures in mind you may be happy to hear that a self-serve platform for Snapchat ad manager will be available in June.

What does this mean for advertisers?

With a self-serve ad manager platform available on Snapchat, marketers will have access to purchase, optimise and report on their own campaigns. This will remove the current process of buying snap ads through third parties. Eliminating the charges.

Previously, advertisers would have to hit a minimum spend threshold and have all activity managed by Snapchat. With the new platform, you will have the ability to manage campaigns in house!
The growth of the platform will enhance users ability to set up multiple campaigns with various targeting options.

Once the platform goes live, they hope follow Instagrams rapid rise of paying advertisers. This is critical to the success of Snapchat as a sustainable social media platform. Could Snapchat give Facebook and google a run for its money?

So, whats new for Snapchat Ad Manger?

Snapchat ad manager has a similar set up to other platforms owned interfaces. It will offer the standard dashboard but also develop a simple mobile dashboard. This will be linked with existing user profiles. This will allow users access to performance stats on the go without even having to download an app!

The new feature will open the option to purchase ad space to an entire group of advertisers who were previously unable or unwilling to try. Not only does self-serve remove the entry fee. It will also allow advertisers more autonomy over how each campaign is run.

The three new business tools and their capabilities

What can the new tools bring to your business and how can you use them?

Ad Managers – Buy, manage, optimise & view reporting on all campaigns for every snap ad type you have. You will be able to organise targeting & goal based bidding for swipes and installs.

Snapchat Mobile Dashboard – Sharing and viewing ad creatives which can be seen by all Snapchat users. You can also review live campaigns and have the option to receive notifications about key metrics.

Business Manager – This tool will allow you to configure roles and permissions for all your ad team members. You can also change billing contacts and manage different ad accounts.
Why should you advertise on Snapchat?

Excited or unsure on the new self-serve ad manager? Never even thought about advertising on Snapchat, well maybe you should and here are some reasons why.

1) Snapchat has the sixth highest concentration of millennial users among mobile apps, in need of a quick way to reach a massive influential audience? Then this is your answer.

2) It’s not just for teens anymore, in 2015 Snapchat reached 15% of the adult US platform. My parents even use Snapchat and they’re in their 40s.

3) The audience is hyper engaged. “If you have 1000 Snapchat followers 900 of them will watch your story“ Gary Vaynerchuk.

4) It offers a new way to break news & trends first. Being the first to add value with fresh content is key to successful curation.

5) It leverages direct to audience video interactions. Just by sending a quick personalised in the moment video message to a customer can be very powerful.

6) Content will never be lost during busy times, snaps will sit there until they has been opened.

Who’s testing the new Snapchat ad manager tool?

Over 20 brands in the US are testing the new ad manager tool, the response from these brands has been hugely positive. Detailed targeting capabilities and the app install formats are of particular interest.

Online Sneaker Marketplace Goat, one of the companies to try out the tool found that only after a few weeks of using the platform they saw strong conversion rates along with strong targeting.

With the rise of influencer marketing, Snapchat will work to maintain as a leading opportunity for brands. Developing influencers in a range of personal ways which YouTube and Facebook may not be able to do.

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