Marketers are slow to incorporate Google AdWords for Video

Google AdWords for video. What does that really mean?

To put it simply, AdWords for video allows you to display video ads in the YouTube search results, before, during or after videos on YouTube and Google Display network. With Google AdWords, you can use basic demographic targeting to reach a more specific audience.

What opportunities will video ads present?

Have you ever thought about the huge opportunities available with video advertising? One thing all entrepreneurs should be aware of is you have the capacity to reach new customers on YouTube with over 1 billion active users. YouTube offers increased conversion rates over other social networking platforms, making it a great place to start video advertising. The average conversion rate on YouTube is 14% whereas Facebook currently averages a 10% conversion rate.

Google Adwords for video has yet to be explored by many affiliates, meaning competition is currently limited. Video advertising is one of the best ways to engage people, so why don’t you get involved?

Generating more profit using video ads…

If you’re considering incorporating Google AdWords into your video ads, then you should probably be aware of these effective strategies.

1) Strong call to action. Tell your users to click on a video, this will then direct them to a landing page, product page or information page. Try to make sure your click is visual using text or imagery to maximise the number of engaged users.

2) Custom thumbnail image. If you’re trying to promote a product then make sure your image is clear and the product can be defined. Try not to have any background distractions. For your custom thumbnail to really work you want it to be clear on all devices. If you’re including text then make sure it’s big and concise, nothing too wordy but still engage the user.

3) Video Lengths. Test out what works best for you. Usually anything between 5 and 30 seconds is more likely to get viewed to the end. Remember we get bored easily! If you manage to stick within that time frame, you’ll find over 80% of users watch the full video.

4) Split testing. Always make sure you have at least 2 adverts within each ad group so that you can perform a split test. Don’t always focus on the number of views, consider your business metrics instead i.e. conversions generated.

The 3 ad formats offered

There are three different types of ads and it’s worth knowing the difference and how your users may interact with them.

In-stream. These are ads which play at the beginning, middle or end of a video. You may have noticed these before when watching videos on YouTube. They allow you to skip the ad 5 seconds into the video if they’re 30 seconds or longer. You’re only charged if the ad reaches the 30 second mark.

In-search. When specific keywords are searched for, the ads will be displayed in the search results. The ads do not automatically play, the user must click on the video itself for it to play and for you to be charged.

In-display. Any ads that may appear next to other videos on the YouTube watch page and have been labelled as an Ad. Again, you are only charged if the user clicks to play the video.
Ads may appear in any of the above formats and it’s just a case of finding out which one works best for you.

Is Google AdWords for video right for you?

This may all sound wonderful but you must remember video advertising can be very time consuming. It requires a lot of effort and skill to make it work effectively. Maybe you’ll want to consider a few things before jumping on board the video band wagon!

For example, is your target audience watching videos? I know that may sound like an obvious question but sometimes people tend to forget that not everyone is watching YouTube. If your target audience is 60-year-old women who enjoy gardening, are they the perfect audience for video ads?

Another thing to remember when making a video ad, it’s not as easy as it sounds. For the video to work it needs to be eye catching and engaging. You may be bursting with ideas but we all know the saying ‘put pen to paper’ can be deceiving. If your only option is to hire a professional, then you’ll need to consider the cost factor. As great as video advertising is, always be sure to consider if it’s right for you and your brand.

Video ads will take over the world!

If you’re still considering getting involved with Google AdWords for video ads, then the world is your oyster. Just think about how big the audience is on YouTube compared to the minimal competition. No time is better than now, marketers have been slow to incorporate video campaigns.

You’ve probably noticed the rise in competition for Google AdWords has led to it becoming more expensive to run. So why not take the opportunity that has arisen? Google AdWords for video is a lot cheaper for your keywords cost.

If you know how to use Google AdWords and are willing to invest in video campaigns, then why not combine the two and give It a go.

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