Improve B2B Mobile Marketing Before It’s Too Late

B2B mobile marketing requires marketers to have an intimate understanding of their buyer. When 70 percent of mobile searches will result in action being taken within one hour, you can’t afford to miss out on an opportunity to readily connect with a buyer. With this in mind, you might need to adjust your B2B mobile marketing strategy. Not only to connect with buyers, but to also attract new buyers to your business’ products and services.

Attracting buyers via mobile marketing tactics

Improving content marketing results is sometimes as easy as enhancing your mobile marketing strategy. Ensuring you can more effectively target buyers at the right time and on through the right channels.

Tip 1 — Optimize your website for mobile searches

While this might seem like a very simple tip, it is one that far too many B2B marketers fail to properly implement. Enhancing or optimizing a site for mobile searches is about more than simply making a “mobile friendly” website. Optimizing a site for mobile searches will require you to reconfigure the content on your mobile site. Mobile users want to find content in three or less clicks. They want content that is easy to digest. Most importantly they want easy to find embedded links that take them directly to a contact number / email or checkout page. The key to optimizing a site for mobile searches is to remember that “less is more, and information must be readily available.”

Tip 2 — Don’t forget B2B video marketing.

It is hard to imagine life without Google. On the same page, it is hard to imagine life without YouTube. In fact, YouTube is now ranked the number two search engine, which means that if you want to improve your B2B marketing results, then you need to place your products in services on the video platform, so that buyers can find you before encountering your competitors.

Tip 3 — Modernize your online forms

You might be tempted to use long forms in order to collect marketing data from your potential buyers. If this is the case, don’t do it. When a prospective buyer is searching or browsing from their mobile device, he or she is not interested in filling out lengthy forms. In fact, a lengthy form just might be what is keeping your prospective buyers from becoming loyal B2B partners. As a general rule of thumb, keep your forms short, use automation whenever possible, and make sure that they load properly on any mobile device. Your prospective buyers should never have to zoom in or out to simply read the form.

Tip 4 — Online content should be engaging and readable

B2B buyers typically complete more research than the average consumer. As a direct result of their research habits, B2B buyers want to engage with readable content. Readable content refers to information that can be easily digested at any time of the day. When it comes to creating readable content for a mobile device, remember that sentences should be short, paragraphs should be small, and you should never use five words when only two will do.

Tip 5 — Create shareable content

As mentioned within tip number four, B2B buyers do a lot of research; as part of this research, they are prone to sharing and reading shared content. With this in mind, your typical B2B buyer will not be the sole decision maker, which means that content will need to be shared before he or she can make a decision or purchase. To make your content more shareable for improved lead generation capabilities, make sure that is a) readable, b) worthy of being shared, and c) that you have strategically placed “mobile share buttons” throughout the content.

The Bottom Line: Improve B2B Mobile Marketing Strategies Today

The competition for new buyers is particularly fierce in the current digital environment. An impressive 93 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. However, by leveraging these five tips you can improve your B2B mobile marketing efforts to attract interested buyers.

Article written by C7 guest author Sophorn Chhay from Trumpia.

You can follow Sophorn on Twitter @Trumpia, Linkedin, Facebook and Google +

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