The World Of C7


The C7 journey has been an emotional one to say the least. Founded in 2012 by a team of 3, we have had to dig deep as any small network would to make a name for ourselves. With so many great companies in the affiliate space, we knew we had to really stand for something amazing if we were to be taken seriously. 

There is only so much you can do differently, so much of our success was going to depend on the relationships we built and the way we nurtured them. Customer service has always been the number one priority at C7 and in 2018, after 6 years of listening to what our partners really want, we decided to streamline our approach. 

The C7 team are now more driven than ever and determined to build even more quality, long lasting partnerships. The brands that trust us with their budgets month after month continue to say great things about the service we provide. With dedicated account management, a world class tech support team and affiliate managers that know first hand how best to run your campaigns, we are 100% confident in our approach

Whether you want to work on CPL, CPA, CPI or CPC, we have a whole host of options available to any advertiser looking to grow on a performance basis and any affiliate looking for fresh new offers to test out. When you add into the mix a world leading platform, fast, generous payouts and a team that genuinely want to pick up the phone and chat, we can certainly offer the complete solution.

Talk to us today and see for yourself.

The C7 Family

Andy Barden

Head Of C7 Network

James Barnes

Head Of Sales

Mark Crossan

Affiliate Manager

Will Perkins

Business Development Manager

The C7 Team

The C7 Team

Hannah Siggers

Senior Account Manager

Hollie Barker-Harle

Affiliate Manager

Ben (Colin) Edwards-Daem

Sales Account Manager

Josh Hine

Account Manager