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Becoming a C7 Publisher

Do you have what it takes to become a Clickwork7 publisher? Are you focused on driving quality traffic that advertisers want to come back for time and time again? Do you enjoy discussing ideas with your affiliate network to best optimise your campaigns?

At C7 we work with some of the best publishers from around the globe, all focused on delivering a service people really want. We work closely with you to make sure campaign and affiliate are paired up perfectly to maximise the opportunity for success.

When it comes to offers, C7 has a wide variety of campaigns across many verticals, available on a whole host of different channels. Whether you are specialist in Mobile, Email, SMS, Native, Search or Social, we can work with you to find a great solution. 

If you enjoy hiding in the shadows, you are not for us. If you have little or no regard for what the client wants, you are not for us. If you want to work with some fantastic campaigns and drive exceptional traffic, then please join us. If you want to talk to us about your creative and outside the box ideas for promoting offers... 


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Why become a C7 publisher?


Fast, Industry leading Payouts

There are no standard margins with C7 like you may find elsewhere. We know that to work with the best publishers we need to offer the most attractive rates in the market place while ensuring your payments are made on time, every time

Genuine Exclusives

A term thrown around a lot and very often exagerated. We work with brands such as Amazon, Barclaycard, Hairy Bikers Club and TFS Loans on an exclusive basis. Where we really excel is with our in house products 20 Cogs, Product Testing UK/US and AU and UK/AU Mystery Shopper


Dedicated Publisher Support

Its not all about the client at C7, the affiliates need support to. Our team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what and how campaigns convert and are available on the phone at all times during the day. We work with you closely to explore new ideas and are very open to out side the box thinking when it comes to promoting new offers


World class tech support

It's not often in a small business to have such expertise on the tech side. Our Ad operations team are always on hand to solve tracking and integration issues that have otherwise proved impossible. Add to that the countless tools we have built to ensure clients get what they need from a campaign with C7 and you have an answer for every possible scenario

A Simple Way to Earn More

At C7 we are always looking to grow our circle of trusted affiliates. What better way to do that than to get your already trusted partners referring their friends and colleagues. 

With this in mind, registered publishers of C7 that refer someone new will get 7% of their commission for the first 7 months. This means that as your referral earns money for their efforts, so do you and the potential is limitless, much like the amount of people you can refer.

Once you become an approved C7 publisher, you can simply refer people from your own account and start earning. Everything is tracked for you automatically so all you have to worry about is who is going to make you the most money!

Speak to us today about getting started.

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We're currently accepting publishers from all countries, in all verticals.

At Clickwork7 we pride ourselves with providing our valued partners with industry leading rates, exclusive offers and service with a smile!

It is important that the information you submit to us is accurate as this will be evaluated by our compliance team before we can approve any applications.

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At Clickwork7, we have hundreds of affiliates apply to run our offers each week. To streamline this process, it's important that we establish as much information about the people we are forming a partnership with.

With this in mind, please take the time to upload a photo ID document so we can move on with your application.

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