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Events are a great place to meet people, put faces to names and generally get your brand out there in the industry. At C7 we believe that face to face conversations are still the greatest way to build trust, thats why we aim to get to as many events as we can. Below is a list of the events we have attended this year plus some important dates for your diaries where the C7 team could very well be around for a chat. If you are attending anything this year and want to catch up about working together, please feel free to get in touch.

Where have we been?


- May 2016 Affiliate Drinks / Mary Jane's Bar / London -

C7 attended the Affiliate Drinks meet up for the first time in May and I must say, it was a huge success. Although the listed 450 people did not arrive, I would say a good 300 turned out to enjoy a night of free drinks and karaoke. Hosted by James Little from our friends over at Top Cashback and sponsored by a whole host of other great partners, it was an evening of fun, great conversations and a much needed 'Face to name' session for C7.

For us, it was a 2 hour journey door to door so expectation was high. As with all these things, the night started slowly at 6pm with multiple groups of sober affiliates chatting in their cliques and tentatively looking around to see who they recognised. Name badges were a nice touch as it helped with the identifying process however unless you were seriously invading someones personal space, they were too small to read. This is probably my only complaint about the entire evening to be fair

After about an hour and 3 or 4 beers, conversations started to spread beyond our little groups and we met some very nice people from a range of different companies, all with something unique to offer. For anyone in the affiliate space, I would highly recommend trying to get tickets to the next event and see where the night takes you.

Andy & Zara

Yes, I do selfies!

Team C7

With Marcus @ Flowleads


Many drinks!

Team C7

at the start of the night...

Zara & James

With Marcus @ Flowleads

Team C7

With Marcus, Kevin & Simon

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James wasn't keen


attempting a smile...


With Marcus @ Flowleads


Didn't know I got this!

- B2B Marketing Expo / ExCel London / 11 - 12 May 2016 -


C7 are renowned for B2C offers however my take on this one was that we are a B2B company and there may have been some opportunities. Having previously looked at the exhibitors list, it was clear to see that there were a number of technology providers on show, all trying to attract the budding business owner by claiming to make life easier. 

While walking round, it was clear that PPC/SEO was a big thing at this event with companies specializing in ways to optimise a brands exposure both paid and organic. Both these channels are clearly important to advertisers so certainly something people need to ensure they are staying on top of as Google changes the rules daily!

Noticeable difference between this and a more traditional affiliate event include:

    * Size 
    * Footfall
    * Quality of stand
    * Creativity 

Not to call anyone out in particular, but you can certainly tell when you are at an event full of people that are not used to doing the whole 'Face to Face' bit. Weak handshakes, conflicting information, lack of eye contact and a general lack of anything inspirational to get your teeth into. Stand design was extremely basic and there were no 3 tier specials with a bar and lounge area like you may see at Dmexco or Adtech. 

Certainly one piece of advice I would offer anyone doing a show, not just this one is to make sure you know your stuff. If you and your colleagues are all telling different stories then you will be caught out and people will lose confidence very quickly. Conversations need to be natural and not scripted as we found them quite hard work because they simply didn't flow as they should.

As an event for businesses looking for a piece of tech to support what they do, it definitely serves a purpose. For us, there were one or two potential opportunities but not something we would rush to again.


Serious James & Zara

Attempting Cool...


Hacking in...


View from the ExCel


Much Concrete

2 guys

Think they are lost


The big entrance

- Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2016 -


C7 attended the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference which is part IGaming Super Show in June 2016. The show is focused on gambling and gaming which has always been a very strong vertical for us. The conveniently located RAI Amsterdam (2 train stops from Schiphol airport)  gave us a great opportunity to meet up with some long time partners such as William Hill and Ladbrokes as well as set up some new meetings with new advertisers trying to break through the crowds. It also presented itself as a great opportunity to meet up with a lot of advertiser and affiliate partnerships that are now based over in the Netherlands. 

The show itself was a very impressive conferences with all the big gambling stands trying to impress more than each other. Free beers and cocktails was standard across the majority of exhibitors with Paddy Power offering their traditional Guinness. Some advertisers went further by offering out biscuits, crisps, hot dogs and one even flew in a Michelin star chef from Germany to prepare award winning appetisers. The beer, wine and food definitely gave a great relaxed hospitability feel to all the people attending the event and walking round talking to people could not have been easier. The conference was not the biggest in terms of size but certainly delivered a great vibe.

A small section of the conference is dedicated to Binary / Forex advertisers which not a vertical that is overly relevant to C7. For any Affiliate that doesn’t feature nor want to feature in the gambling, gaming or the binary sector, I couldn’t see any relevance for attending this event. As I’m the BDM that services the majority of our gambling clients, I found the conference more than useful as it gave me a chance to put a lot of faces to names as well as set up a few new campaigns for our internal sites. I certainly hope to be representing C7 at next year’s AAC

Big Will

When 30 year olds take selfies...


A touch of culture on our trip

Him again...

Looking good Will!


View from inside the conference


- Dmexco/Cologne/September 2016 - 

For the second year in a row, C7 attended the craziness that is Dmexco! Now largely thought of as the best european event for advertisers and affiliates alike, there was no way we were missing this one in 2016.  Following a smooth flight and easy check in, the event itself did not dissapoint one bit! We opted to simply attend this year without the aid of a stand and came out all the better for it. 

Following a first day of stand hustling, day 2 was quickly filled with meetings (some of which involved achohol), resulting in some very promising partnerships. 

Will we be going again in 2017? Hell Yes!


Big Will!

Put that gut away Will

Big Church

Best Buds!




- London Affiliate Conference 2017 - 

Standard Show Selfie!

The Magic Ticket

Willy trying to get involved!

Craig & Trev doing the moody thing