In a Perfect World…

Brands would advertise by magic, getting in front of people at the the precise moment they are ready to commit to your product or service. No money would be wasted, there would be no spam and we would bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘Targeted Campaigns’.

Even today in a world of programatic, intelligent ad servers, effective re-targeting and geo targeting, why do we still feel like we are forever seeing things we wish weren’t there? We have become so banner blind that traditional display is all but dead and we find ourselves being sucked in by native ads designed to draw a click and then disappoint us with the end result.

So what do we want to see? How do we want to be marketed to? We have to accept that brands need to grab out attention or the world would come to a stand still right? What would make us sit up and take notice of someone trying to ultimately sell us their stuff?

How about this…

Brands need to understand as much as humanly possible about their audience. What they like, what they don’t like. How they dress, are they married, do they have kids, what’s their budget, How tall are they, are they overweight etc etc. This would be amazing!

Oh right, we already have all this

I know, I know, what about if brands could literally follow you round the web, throwing constant reminders of where you have been to cement that message of ‘Buy me now’ in your brain. A digital conscience if you like that sits on your shoulder whispering in your ear with every new site you visit. No matter how hard or far you travel online, it catches you and screams out…’You know you want me, stop denying yourself’ Now that would be amazing…

Oh wait, we have that as well.

What about this then…Cashback and Voucher sites that can target you based on location with the best deals while you are shopping and in the mood to spend. Catching you right at the moment you are debating whether to buy 1 or 2 tops from your favourite shop?

Yep, you guessed it, we have that technology as well.

Ok, ok, how about super smart algorithms that know where I have been, what I like, how often I buy things, how I pay, what I spend and how long I take to decide? I would then be presented with options that this super computer knows I will like and ultimately spend money on. Now that is the shit right there…

Seriously, this is getting annoying now…

Programatic is a form of marketing that works based on the digital behaviors of consumers, serving them ads that match their browsing and purchasing habits. Big brands all over the globe are turning to this channel and after a brief learning period and acceptance of a few quid spent, seeing this as the future of automated marketing. For smaller brands, its a tough nut to crack as large investment is needed to really kick start the process of understanding what works for your offering. Based usually on a CPM model, it has not been adopted by all and possibly won’t be for some time.

Google Remarketing covers off that digital conscience we discussed very nicely, and it really works! I have been tempted on many occasion by brands looking to persuade me following a visit to their site, especially at work when I am on line all day, being hammered with the same message. My only wish is that once I have made my purchase, it stops showing me the things I have just bought or worse still, the newer version a day later that I missed out on!

Vouchercode sites have been using geotargeting to get our attention for some time now with push notifications showing offers and deals nearby. This means that while out shopping, you can be sure in the knowledge that if there is a deal to be had, you will be informed and your need to use your brain will be removed. For me, this works as I am never going to remember to look on the apps prior to a shopping trip with 2 young children. I am lucky if we all get out the house in one piece let alone remember that!

So what are we actually saying here?

It’s easy for us to sit back and moan about how hard it is to target people and even easier to take the easy approach and just spam the hell out of a random bunch of emails hoping for the best. In reality, the technology is already with us to be as close to MAGIC as we are ever going to get. Yes, it comes at a price and not every company is going to have the resource to take advantage of it just yet, but their day will come.

Brands need to remember that consumers are educated, they know what you are trying to do and will out smart you every time. To cement your brand into the right peoples mind, thought needs to be put into what you are trying to achieve and how people react to your message. Invest wisely in a channel that is going to not only give you a good return but work well to increase your brands presence.

In a perfect world brands would be able to target the right people, with the right products and the right time…We live in a perfect world!


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