Are you building for Mobile first?

“I have worked out a way of typing with one hand as I have an iphone glued to the other one and it has proven a little tricky!”

Of course, my phone is not stuck to my hand. I still have full use of both however you get the point I am trying to make? People are obsessed with the accessibility of the mobile phone and all the information it provides.

It has become habit to check it every few minutes. Press the home button to see if you have updates even though you have not heard it go off. I do it myself, when I’m working, eating, watching TV, cycling…It’s a habit that I have well and truly created, and I am not alone.

With this in mind, and accepting that most people spend considerably more time on a portable device than they do on a desktop. Shouldn’t all brands looking to engage a group of potential customers be looking to optimise these devices? The answer is a well resounding YES!

Understanding and taking action…

So, we know what we should be doing. Just like the England team knew what they should be doing in Euro 2016 though… It simply isn’t happening. At C7, we are pushing back on around 50% of client ad material. This is due to it not being suitable for mobile.

This includes non responsive email creatives, banners with little or no key CTA and Landing pages that are very much out of the 1990’s despite the clients main site being set up for mobile.

The crazy truth is, brands do not even know the options available to them when looking to promote their campaign through the affiliate channel. Mobile is a world of opportunity if the advertiser knows where their ad may appear. You have traditional mobile display, in app promotion, mobile optimised email, interstitial’s, pop ups and unders and probably the biggest opportunity, NATIVE!

Many of these options are available on desktop however how they display and the way people engage with them is very different across the 2 devices. REMEMBER…People grab pockets of time on a mobile device. Trying to grab someones attention is harder, even if technically they spend more time on them. The sites they engage with are different so it’s vital advertisers get to know how these publishers are displaying their most successful ads.

Of course, if you work with a network and your actual campaign is strong, affiliates will create ad copy they feel will work with their users. This is good news on the surface and certainly if you are looking for some quick wins, it could work in your favor. There is a downside to this however. You will have no control of how people are defacing your brand and key message. Affiliates by default will do what they need to do to maximise the potential of what you are offering to pay them.

In all honesty, can you blame them if your ad content is simply not up to scratch?

So what key things should you be looking for when creating for mobile?

A mobile optimised email template with a clear message right at the top and a high CTA

People scan emails on a mobile device and hate using that finger if they don’t need to. You have a very small window to engage people. Make sure you have enough quality in your message to encourage that scroll

Full page banners

Pop ups are big business on mobile and have more impact than on a desktop. Create a banner that splashes your key message right across that mobile screen

Display banners with your key message in as few words as possible

Pop unders and in line banners tend to be very small. Your message needs to be short, sweet and to the point. Leave the user with enough intrigue that they want to click and finish the journey

If you are not writing content for native, you should be.

Although native is still very much in its infancy, it is without question the way things are going. People consume so much information on line, much of it through the twisted web of content sites, all designed to generate a click. There are countless apps connected to the likes of Outbrain and Taboola, displaying engaging pop unders that lead to content based sites. It’s huge and only getting bigger!

Bottom line…

Your campaigns are only as good as the people you are engaging with. If no one sees your ad because it is not designed for the device it’s being displayed on, it doesn’t matter how great your product is. Understand the options available to you on mobile and create great content around your brand. Do your research and work with your affiliate network to come up with ad copy that affiliates will actually want to use. Don’t simply think that a colorful banner with loads of information on it is going to work.

The sooner ‘Mobile First’ is adopted by all, the sooner we start really maximising our campaigns potential…

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