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Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

At C7, we will work with whatever metric suits the advertiser best whether it be CPL, CPA, CPC, CPD or CPI. When it comes to lead generation however, we are in a different league. With the UK's most successful lead generation consumer site now going global in the US and AU, we have a team of experts that know how to drive quality, validated leads. Whether you are looking for huge volume or a simple test, we have the technology in house to ensure the traffic you receive meets your expectations. 

If you are looking for a broader reach, our panel of trusted partners will be introduced to allow any campaign to flourish through a range of different channels. Affiliates working with C7 have all been through the same strict acceptance process so you can be confident in the knowledge that they value the integrity of your brand. 

By working with you at every stage to optimise your campaign, we ensure that we deliver not just volume, but targeted, high converting leads that mean you will want to work with us time and time again. Our clients have been with us for years and it's that success that has enabled us to take C7 to a new level in 2016.


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How we drive traffic

Partners of C7 are certainly put through their paces prior to joining us. Our strict acceptance process ensures that only people that share our desire to drive quality traffic make the grade. We reject 90% of affiliates at application stage meaning if you cant back up your claims, you ain't coming in!

Your campaign is our top priority and we will work with you to optimise it. Thanks to our many years in affiliate marketing, we are well positioned to advice on creative, user flow, landing page, call to action and best channel for success. We know our partners and what works for them so optimising your offer to fit perfectly with the traffic is our number one priority.

We will explore both internal and external options with all advertisers to ensure the best solution is found for your campaign. We work closely with the partners we use and each and every offer is tested regardless of previous success. When you are happy, we work with them to scale at your pace.

Channels to suit your campaign

Every campaign is different which is why we make sure you have the options available to you when it comes to traffic. With our in house team of media buyers and a whole host of trusted affiliates you can be confident that your offer is in great hands. If you have any questions about the channels you see below, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A final note before you join...


Quick wins do not exist here. We look to build long term, solid partnerships with everyone we work with and if we don't succeed first time, we will work tirelessly with you until we do. Whether you are working with our in house products or our panel of trusted affiliates, the same rules apply. Test small, validate quality, scale when we are both happy. 

It's vital to us that every partnership is long term so we leave nothing to chance, especially where your marketing pounds are concerned. You only pay for the leads that meet your requirements and with our dedicated account managers working to optimise your traffic, we eliminate poor quality instantly.

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